Download Free Latest Version Notepad++

We all have used the simple notepad software of Windows at some point of our lives and Notepad ++ can be basically termed as the evolution of the notepad. Notepad is a simple word processing software of Microsoft Windows which comes with some of the basic features.


On the other hand notepad++ is the advanced version of Notepad which comes with the advanced word processing features and you can also use it as a source code editor software.

In the present scenario, the Notepad is one of the widely used text writing and editing software which is also compatible with many kinds of programming languages. The great news is that Notepad online software is available at free of cost to be downloaded and used by the desired users.

Other than being compatible with the programming languages you can use Notepad++ for the tabbed editing feature, which lets the users open the multiple filed within the single window.

Notepad++ can be considered as a complete solution for all kinds of text editing software users, and if you are wondering about the features of Notepad++ then here we are listing down the major features of it for your concern.

  • This software can provide support to the syntax highlighting.
  • You can also use the markup language feature in this software.
  • You will get the intelligent code completion feature in it.
  • Notepad++ is compatible with many kinds of languages.
  • You also get the autocompletion programming feature in it which would help you while you are programming.
  • The code folding feature is also there.

These are some of the prominent and the well-recognized features of the Notepad++other than that there are many features, which you will witness after installing the software.

Notepad ++ Portable

Notepad++ portable is basically the extension of the Notepad++ which can be used with the numbers of the other computer devices as it is a portable Notepad. It comes with the OTB-soft launcher application, which helps the users to connect the Notepad++ with any desired computer device and Notepad HTML can help the users in the language programming.

The portable edition of the Notepad++ is favorable for those people, who need to transfer the notepad++ software from one device to the other. You can download the portable version of Notepad++ and then can use it by saving the extra memory.

Notepad++ For Windows 7

Although we have seen and used Notepad software almost on the every computer generation of Microsoft and similarly you can install the Notepad windows in almost all kinds of Windows operating systems.

It includes the operating systems such as the Windows 7/8/10 or even window XP. You don’t have to be worried about the compatibility of the Notepad++ as you can install it on every Windows computer’s which are available in the market presently.

How To Install Notepad++

We have talked about the working system of the Notepad++ along with its relevance now the next question which unfolds is how you can actually install Notepad++ on your computer system. Well in this regard we are going to help you by telling you the ways through which you can download and install the Notepad++ easily.

As we know that it is an open source software which is available at free of cost hence downloading the software is a no big deal. You can install the Notepad++by the Notepad APK easily

Here is our step by step guide by which you can easily download and install this software. 

  • You need to visit a particular website whose link is here you can download notepad++ from here easily.
  • Clicking on the provided link you will be redirected to the website from where you can download the setup file of the Notepad++.
  • Now after downloading the setup file of the Notepad++ you just need to install it in your computer system by clicking on the install option.
  • It will take a very short while in the installation process and once the software is installed you just need to click on the finish option.
  • Now your Notepad ++ software is ready to be used in your purpose.


Notepad++ For Mac Users

As we have discussed the significance and the popularity of Microsoft notepad software above seeing that it is natural to get the attraction of Apple’s Mac users towards the Notepad++. If you Google Notepad then you will come to know about this fact that how many users search the Notepad++ for Mac.

Well, here we have the bad news in this regard for the Mac users that unfortunately Notepad++ is not compatible with the Mac devices which means you can’t install the Notepad++ on your Mac device. Sad but true it is due to the rivalry of the Apple and Microsoft that their software is not often compatible at the cross platforms.

You don’t have to be completely sad here as Apple has also provided its Mac users with the alternatives of the Notepad++ which they can install in their Mac book.

Here below are the alternatives of the Notepad++ for Mac users

Sublime Text: Sublime Text is the best code editor software for the Mac users and it is a strong alternative to the Notepad++. If we talk about the features of the Sublime text then you will the get almost the same kinds of features as there are in the Notepad++.

This is a complete package as a Notepad++ alternative to the Mac users but you need to buy the subscription plan of it, which may not be suitable for some of the Mac users.

Brackets: Brackets is the other alternative of the Notepad++ for the Mac users and it is best for those users who are seeking for the freely available alternative. Brackets is a free source software which means it can be freely downloaded by any of the Mac users.

You will get plenty of the features in this software such as the program measurement information, color information, and many such other advanced features.

Atom: Atom is the other one of the best Notepad++ alternative available out there for the Mac users. Atom is considered to be as one of the smartest texting software as well which offers the various kinds of automated features to the users.

By the help of Atom, you can tweak the various kinds of programming languages easily such as the HTML and the Javascript. The software is a free source based software hence you can easily download it from the internet.

Ultra Edit: Ultra edit is the other premium software from the Apple to its Mac users although it is not free software, its features completely justify its price. You will get the highly advanced features in this software such as the syntax highlighting, column block editing regex search option and several such other features.

You can buy the Ultra edit software of Apple by spending the, $80 and in return, you will experience one of the best alternative software of Notepad++.

What is Microsoft Notepad

Microsoft Notepad is a very basic and simple text writing and the editing software which can be seen in almost all the Microsoft Windows computers. Notepad was first released in the year of 1983 for the Dos operating system.

In the present scenario you can witness Notepad in all the generations of the Windows as it is an integral part of the Microsoft operating system.

With notepad users get only the basic features of writing and editing the text and for this reason Microsoft later launched the Notepad++ software which comes with the numerous advanced features. Presently the Notepad Linux version is also available for the Linux based operating systems

Notepad Download For Windows 7

Notepad is an integral part of Microsoft’s Windows operating system and due to that, you will get this software in all the generations of Microsoft Windows. If your Windows operating system is missing out on the Notepad software, then you can easily download it for the concerned Windows of Microsoft.

For example, if you are looking for the Notepad software/ Notepad Application for the Windows 7 then you can download it from the internet, and after installing it in your computer you would be able to use Notepad for the text writing purpose.

Mac Notepad

Microsoft and Apple are the two information Technology companies which have their own operating systems. Just like the Microsoft’s Windows is having the Notepad software in a similar way Apple’s Mac is also having its own Notepad Mac. You need to download and install the relevant Notepad in your computer’s operating system.

Here we would like to inform you that Microsoft’s Notepad is freely available on the Internet which can be easily downloaded and installed by the Windows users.

On the other hand, Apple’s Mac book Notepad is not an open source software hence you will be required to pay around $20 to buy the Mac Notepad.

Install Plugin For Notepad ++

The Notepad plugins in simple language can be termed as the set of additional features which you can integrate with the Notepad++ software. This plugin tool functionality lets the users perform the task which is beyond the execution capability of the Notepad++.

If you are a teacher then you can personalize the Notepad++ as the Personalised Notepad for Teachers by installing the plugins.

Here below we are providing you the way by which you can install the plugin.

  • First of all you need to download the setup file which you want to install in the Notepad++.
  • Once you download the source file setup of plugins then you need to go to the C drive in the location as C/program files section/Notepad++ icon/plugins.
  • After reaching the location you just need to paste the plugin file setup in the folder.
  • After doing it you just need to restart the Notepad++ and your job is done.


Notepad++XML Plugin

It is the other plugin program of the Notepad++ which you can integrate within the notped and use the additional features of this plugin. Here is our step by step guide to install it.

  • In order to use the XML plugin you first need to install the Notepad++ in your computer.
  • After installing the Notepad++ just start this software and then click on the list of plugins menu.
  • Now go to the plugin manager and there click on the show plugins and then a window of plugins will appear next.
  • In the list, you will see the XML plugins tool and then you just need to select the XML plugins.
  • Once you select the XML plugins then the plugins would be integrated with the Notepad++ and you would be able to use it.

Notepad++ Compare Plugin

It is the other famous plugin which is used by the plenty of the Notepad Plus Plus users. It also comes with the numbers of features and here is how you can install it in your Notepad++.

  • First of all install the notepad++ on your computer then just run the software.
  • In the software, you will see the plugins options and among them, you will see the compare plugin option as well.
  • You need to select this plugin and it will be integrated with the Notepad++ software.
  • Now you would be able to use the features of compare login within the Notepad++.

Here are the main features of the compare plugins that you will get in the this.

  • The comparison making feature against the database of SVN.
  • You can easily move the lines for detection purpose using the compare plugins.
  • In the navigation bar, you can see the map of compared files.
  • The difference highlighting features within the lines.
  • The customization feature for the presentation of the results.

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So with it, this is the closure of the Notepad++ for this article. Here we have tried discussing all the associated information with the Notepad++ so that our readers can get to know about this software easily and make the most of Notepad++.

In the present scenario, the Notepad is also available for the smartphone devices and if you want to download notepad for android then you can easily get it from the Google play store.

If you are still having any query about the software then feel free to approach us we would try our best to provide you the possible information for your query.